LBS is the complete business solution for your HVAC and refrigeration dealership and distribution business.

With help of LBS, you get all these benefits

  • Strong control on your costs
  • Eliminate wastage
  • Reduce your inventory
  • Track your product inventory
  • Finish your projects much faster.
  • Keep track of your AMC’s
  • Execute your projects without too many hassles and halts.
  • In short, LBS will help you make more money.
  • It has many more benefits. Some of those are listed below.

For Purchase:

  1. Individual P O
  2. Combined P O gets you more discount and quality.
  3. Detailed PO Report- project-wise,vendor-wise, material-wise.
  4. Customized P O templates for specific company ex. Daikin- Readily Available.

For Logistics:

  1. Material Tracker- proper part and proper site
  2. Track of delivery challenge
  3. Reports based on client, job card, or material.

For Inventory:

  1. Track of material stock.
  2. Multilevel stocks based on the card
  3. Stock reports- based on type and job card.

For AMC:

  1. AMC Reminders
  2. AMC Reports Based on the job card.

Ease of use:

  1. Multiple team members.
  2. User-friendly
  3. Automated reminders and complaint reminders.

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